Len Wong is the master grower and founder of Genetix Consulting, a cannabis consulting firm in Toronto, Ontario, and also the founder and owner of The Grow Depot.  Len specializes in genetic research and development of marijuana for medical purposes.

Len produces specialty strains unique to the Canadian climate, which are mildew and pest-resistant. These strains have allowed his clients to grow high-yield and high-quality medicine. He keeps abreast of new strains and techniques in genetics, and he uses the knowledge to continually improve his work.

Over the years, Toronto’s Lenny Wong has focused his energies on breeding superior cannabis strains with remarkable phenotypes. By improving his strain selection, he has excelled at cultivating high quality, craft-style cannabis.

With more than sixteen years of experience in his field, Len began as a medical cannabis consultant under Health Canada’s Marijuana Access Regulations (MMAR) and now serves as a consultant for the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMP). His proven horticultural skills and sound business insight continue to make him an asset in the medical cannabis industry.

Besides Genetix Consulting, Len is also involved with several other organizations in the Toronto area, including The Grow Depot, of which he is owner and founder. Len established the store with the grower in mind, and his vast knowledge of organic gardening has guided the product selection on offer—items which are best suited for the Canadian cannabis grower.

Len also serves as an advisor for Cann Help Clinics, a medical clinic specializing in assessing patients for treatment with medical marijuana. Len consults with doctors to select the right genetic strains to best treat symptoms of various ailments.

His vast knowledge of plant breeding and strain development makes him adept in every aspect of growing exceptional plants—from knowing the importance of good seed-to-soil contact to the design and creation of incredibly efficient greenhouses, which produce thriving seedlings.

Len Wong is dedicated to a sustainable planet and knows the importance of the role that organic gardening plays for the environment as well as the beneficial effect it has on human health. His cheerful enthusiasm for genetic research and development continues unabated as this fledgling industry becomes mainstream.

Outside of his work, Leonard Wong enjoys boating, fishing, fitness—and of course, organic gardening.